MASKS FOR PATIENTS: All patients are asked to wear a mask or face cloth covering while in the office. We ask that you arrive to the office with a mask already, if for some reason you forget your mask, or do not have one, please call the office before entering the building and one of our staff will provide you one through the doorway. PLEASE REMEMBER PPE IS STILL VERY LIMITED EVERYWHERE INCLUDING MSFP.

HAND SANITIZER: Hand Sanitizer can be found throughout the office. Everyone is asked to sanitize their hands upon arrival to the office at the wall sanitizer next to check-in. In addition, all healthcare staff member sanitizes their hands before and after each patient encounter.

Screening for COVID-19 Symptoms
We screen all patients for COVID-19 symptoms. When we call to confirm your appointment you will be asked whether you are experiencing any symptoms, such as cough, fever and other symptoms of respiratory virus infection that you or others in your household may be experiencing. Staff are also screened for COVID-19 symptoms each day.


COMMON AREAS: Areas such as waiting rooms, triage rooms and restrooms are cleaned often with special attention to frequently touched surfaces including doorknobs, armrests, and handrails.

EXAM ROOMS: Each exam room is fully cleaned and disinfected between each patient and again the end of each day.

FLOOR MARKINGS AND FURNITURE REARRANGEMENT: We have made special arrangements to support social distancing. You will notice markings on the floors to show where people should stand for check-in and check-out. We have rearranged chairs in the waiting area to create at least 6 ft of space between each one. And we are scheduling appointments to ensure that fewer people are in our office at one time. And are only allowing 1 person in the waiting area at a time.

LIMITED VISITORS/OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS: We are asking that anyone that has an appointment at the office come alone when possible. Please do not bring any other family members to wait for you in the waiting room during your appointment. The only other person allowed for appointments will be a caretaker or a child/aid of an elderly patient.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding safety from COVID-19, please contact the Practice Manager, Kristen Grasso at 781-662-4934..

Thank You,
Dr. Timothy Tierney

For More Info:

A Highly Qualified Care Team
Main Street Family Practice (MSFP) is a privately-owned primary care office located in the heart of Melrose, Massachusetts. Our highly qualified care team consists of a Board Certified Family Physician, Dr. Timothy Timothy, Board Certified Advance Nurse Practitioners, Mr. Thomas Salines, and Mrs. Jolanka Pride, as well as certified medical assistants and experienced administrative staff.

From Infants to Geriatrics, We Can Provide Care for Your Entire Family!
As a primary care provider, we strive to meet the comprehensive, individual healthcare needs of all of our patients. Main Street Family Practice does not discriminate-We welcome patients of all age, gender, race, and identity. From infants to geriatrics, we can provide care for your entire family. As a patient of Main Street Family Practice, you will be at the center of a coordinated system of care from wellness and illness prevention, to the testing, treatment, and care of a wide range of medical conditions. MSFP cares about you and will continue to provide you with the best acute, chronic and preventative care services possible.

Patient Centered Medical Home Recognized Practice.
What Does That Mean To You ?
To have a primary care provider that is a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH), means that you, the patient is at the forefront of your care. PCMH is a model of care that was designed to help build better relationships between patients and their clinical care teams. It also puts patients in a position to play a more active role in their health and well-being.

As a Patient-Centered Medical Home, the mission of Main Street Family Practice is to provide better health care, better health, at affordable costs coupled with high- quality, accessible, and efficient care for all patients. The PCMH is a promising model for transforming the organization and delivery of primary care.

Following this model of care, assures our patients that their care is not just accessible, but also comprehensive, coordinated, patient-centered, evidence-based, of the highest quality, safe and satisfying for both patients and providers.

Office Visit Experience
At MSFP, we provide the expertise you expect from a healthcare practice, and the kindness, warmth, security, assurance, and unsurpassed patient care you deserve. Care for our patients and their families is paramount. We want every individual to have a truly exceptional experience-and services that provide answers and provide support for our patients and their loved ones.

Office Hours:

Monday: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Tuesday: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Thursday: 800 AM to 4:00 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Saturdays: 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Patients are required to make appointments for all services at Main Street Family Practice. Generally, appointments are made in 15 minute blocks. Main Street Family Practice will not turn away someone who arrives without an appointment seeking care, but those visits will be triaged ahead of scheduled patients only if serious illness is present. In other words, if you come to the office without having a scheduled appointment you will not be seen ahead of those patients that do have an appointment, unless serious immediate attention is required.

Office Parking. Main Street is handicap accessible with parking available up in the top lot on the side of the building off East Emerson Street. Parking is also located in the back of the building. The parking lot is located down Ingalls court to your right, in front of the condos, only in spots designated for Main Street Family Practice.

To Book an Appointment with Main Street Family Practice please contact the office during regular, posted business hours to schedule an appointment with our doctors and staff. For Patient Services, use the Patient Portal link to the right. These services will help us electronically correspond with each other in a secure manner, keep your information up to date, and give you access to the practice at a time convenient to you from the comfort of your home.

Once you sign-up, you will be able to:
• Request Prescription Refills
• Access a summary of your medical record
• View Basic Labs
• Send secure message directly to your provider

To register for our Patient Care Portal, you will need to contact our office for your PIN number. Your personal PIN number and instructions will be mailed to your home. You have 30 days to activate your account. Contact us if you have any question. We look forward to connecting with you online through the secure Patient Portal.

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